Sunday, May 11, 2014

Adding & Increasing (Dream Save Do #4)

As I move (slowly, I admit) through the Dream, Plan, Do process, I arrived this past Monday at an especially-fun step: determining what I would like to add to or have more of in my life. When I first read what Betsey & Warren Talbot (authors of Dream, Plan, Do) had to say about this step, I said to myself, "Grab the paper -- this is going to be a long list!" I curled up in my favorite spot on the loveseat with a glass of raspberry tea and got started. My plan was to jot down everything that came to my mind -- no editing -- and then come back to the list a few days later and do any necessary editing, so that's what I did.

Monday morning found me brainstorming and listing all of the things I already have/do but want more of as well, as things I want to add to my life. I was surprised to find that even after racking my brain, reading over recent journal entries, etc., my list held only 25 items. I left it on my desk, figuring I'd think of things to add as the day went on, but I didn't. Tuesday morning I read over the list again, and I still couldn't think of anything to add. I even asked my son and daughter to share with me all the things they could remember me saying I wanted or wished I had more of; the few things they could think of were already on my list.

I let the subject rest for a day and came back to it Thursday morning. After combining items that were very, very similar, my list held 20 items. A few of the items on the list are tangible, but somewhat unspecific; for example, I would like a home that is cozier (i.e. smaller) and "comforting". I could, if asked, define that more clearly, but that is specific enough for the purpose of this list.

The vast majority of the items, however, were not tangible.  Non-material items such as a circle of close friends, joy, volunteerism, and (of course) more time with my son and daughter added up to 16 items.

On Friday morning, I read over the list again and felt very satisfied with it. Just for fun, I flipped back in my notebook to the page listing the things I would like to eliminate or reduce and read over that list as well. I closed my eyes and daydreamed for a bit about a life that had more of the things I want and less/none of the things I hope to eliminate/reduce. In short, it felt "right".

I'm excited about this process, about putting into words and onto paper how I want to live, and I can't wait to move on to the next step bright and early Monday morning.


Now that I'm home and back into a more regular routine, I'll be working on the Dream, Plan, Do process every morning and sharing a recap of the week's "work" with you each Sunday. If you'd like to Dream, Plan, Do yourself, please check out Betsy and Warren Talbot's book Dream, Plan, Do: An Action Plan for Dreamers.

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