Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Ten on Tuesday: Things I Want to Try

The assignment this week is to list 10 things -- foods, hobbies, travel, etc. -- I would like to try. Time is short today, so without any further ado, here's my list:

1. zip-lining

2. white-water rafting

3. rock climbing

4. living on an island off the Eastern seaboard (of the U.S.) for at least a month

5. contra-dancing

6. living (traveling as the mood strikes) full-time in a (small) camper

7. supporting myself on my creative endeavors

8. metal-stamping

9. practicing yoga on my own (one-on-one instruction is needed first :))

10. living without any satellite/cable TV service


  1. The first 3 - no way - LOLL! You are a brave woman! The metal-stamping sounds like fun.... The living without cable service - I would be lost. It sometimes feels like that is the only contact with other humans that I have!!

    Linda in VA

  2. As every day goes past, I'm leaning more and more towards #10. There is so rarely anything on I'm interested in watching anymore.....

  3. I've been leaning towards #10 also, but haven't yet taken the plunge. My oldest son does quite well with no cable TV service (he does have Netflix) so I should quit trying and just do it.

  4. Linda, I'd have already dropped my satellite service (which is great -- no complaints) except for one thing -- sports programming. Everything else I watch I can watch online (via my laptop either on it or -- through a cable -- on my tv), but I love sports. Brave? My grandpa would just say I don't have sense enough to be afraid. lol

  5. I agree, Anne, and some of the programming (Marriage Boot Camp, Toddlers and Tiaras, etc.) absolutely disgust me. I hate that I in any way financially encourage that type of garbage.

  6. I could do it if I could just get past not being able to watch college football and the NFL. I've been listening to my beloved St. Louis Cardinals this season and purposefully not watching the screen -- knitting, painting furniture, sorting through things, etc. instead of watching -- and for baseball, listening works (for me). I can still visualize the game, etc. But football is entirely different. So many names and substitutions, etc. -- I just don't think I can do it. I've read of people doing it and either going to friends' houses or to sports bars, but as I blogged the other day, that just doesn't work for me. So I'll see how it goes.

  7. Wow. I want to do #10 intellectually, but I watch too much food-related programming in the evenings to justify it right now.