Monday, September 15, 2014

Oh, the Possibilities! (Discovering My Dreams, week 2)

Last week, I focused on identifying things in my life that I wish could be changed, reduced, or eliminated; I thoroughly enjoyed listing those items and then brainstorming ways to address each one. If you're joining me on this Dream Save Do adventure, I hope you'll share some of your dreams.

I turned my attention this week to listing things I would like to add to my life, and what an interesting experience that turned out to be!

First, I brainstormed my list. Once I got past the first few items -- more time with my son and daughter, time/experiences with creative people, and authenticity, for example -- I ran out of steam. Where things I wanted to change/reduce/eliminate were readily apparent, what I wanted to add came to mind much more slowly.

I pondered that throughout the week and think I found two interrelated reasons for this. First (and in no particular order), I am at a point in my life when I am, as I've shared before, paring down on "stuff". As a result, I'm hesitant to add anything to my life. However, I realized that by reducing/eliminating the irritants I listed last week,  I'll be freeing time and space for the things I really do cherish without over-crowding my life and my schedule.

Secondly, while I am not wealthy by any means nor do I have lots of fancy possessions, I have all I need. It wasn't surprising then, that when my list was finished (for now, at least), there was only one tangible item on it! And that item -- "water" -- isn't something I would own; rather, it refers to the fact that I want to live on the ocean or a large lake.

After my list was complete, I turned my attention to how each possibility inspires me, and then I looked at common denominators. Interestingly, all of the 19 items overlapped in very significant ways. For example, almost all of them involved time and experiences with people who I already love and care about and with people who are creative and interesting in a variety of ways.

The latter group of people highlights another commonality -- creativity. The final unifying threads were peace (i.e. less stress), authenticity, and experiences.

The last thing I looked at this week was how I could make each item from the list of possibilities part of my life now. Perhaps, again, because I'm hesitant to add more "stuff" to my life, I struggled with this step and am still working on it.

I think it would be helpful, for me at least, to make a master "swap list". This week, then, I'm going to add to my own Dream Save Do notebook a  2-column list. In column A, I'll list things I want to reduce/change/eliminate, and column B will contain items from this past week's possibility list that are reasonable alternatives. I'll work on that and share the results next week.

What about you? What would you like to add to your life? What would you like to have more of? What new things would you like to try? Do you dream of having an organic vegetable garden? Do you want to travel or learn to knit or buy season tickets to your community's theater or symphony? I hope you'll join me in dreaming about a redesigned life and that you'll share what you would like to add.

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