Thursday, October 23, 2014

A Dream Defined (Dream Save Do, week 5 part 2)


In fits and starts as life has allowed, I've slowly been working through the *dream* portion of the Dream Save Do process, and I'm happy to share that I've defined my dream.

Well, almost.

Some elements of the life I long to live are crystal clear. Time with my son and daughter is paramount.

A church home in the truest sense of the term.


A close circle of friends who get together regularly -- you know, the type that appears in almost every chick-lit book. A larger group of interesting friends and acquaintances. An active social life made up of a variety of activities -- an afternoon at a local winery, morning get-togethers at Starbucks, line-dancing class, hikes in state and national parks, etc.

My dream life includes a healthy lifestyle and diet, as well as weekly yoga classes and trips to the gym with a friend or two.

Opportunities and time for creativity are also a large part of the life I hope to live. While writing (blog and books) are very important, other creative outlets are also important.

Less car-dependence and the use of safe, clean public transportation, my own two feet, or my bicycle instead.

Even less "stuff". More experiences.

A vintage camper -- oh, how I'd love to own a Shasta with wings -- and weekend camping trips.

Work that is rewarding, creative, and uplifting in an environment that is positive and in which everyone is respected and treated with dignity. A place in which work is honored.

A debt-free, frugal lifestyle.

On or near the ocean or a large lake in an area that enjoys a moderate climate -- or at least is free of harsh winters.

A small cottage or a carriage house or possibly even a "tiny house".  Very little upkeep and no mowing! :)

That much I know.

What is not so clear to me is the "where". I spent quite a bit of time obsessing about where I want to live, but suddenly one day, I realized that when all -- or even most -- of the other components are in place, it won't matter where I am.

And there you have it. The place my mind goes when it wanders.

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