Friday, February 1, 2019

Where Am I? (FMF)

I'm very excited to again this week join a talented group of women who connect each Friday in an online, unedited flash mob free-write based on a one-word prompt from our fearless leader Kate Motaung. My timer is set for 5 minutes; let's see where the word "where" takes me.

Isn't it amazing how our perspective of a word changes over time or circumstance?

For the first 47 years of my life, if I thought about the word "where", it was in terms of where I was going. 

In the past 13 years, it has been more a question of where I am.  

So where am I today, on February 1, 2019?

Where am I physically? Am I where I want to be? The answer is "not really". Due to neighbor and neighborhood concerns, I moved from my baby-bear house that was just the right size both in space and in monthly payment. My new house is in a much-safer neighborhood, but it comes with a larger monthly house payment and more space than I want and need. 

I also have 24 years worth of photos and memorabilia to digitalize and scrapbook; those boxes sitting in my spare bedroom are a constant physical reminder that, as my dad would say when I was procrastinating, I need to "hop to it" and get to work. 

I'm pretty healthy, at least according to my last physical, but I need to tone up and exercise more regularly. 

Where am I in regards to relationships? A few weeks before Christmas, I was introduced to a wonderful group of ladies at the church I've been visiting. These ladies immediately welcomed me into their group and have included me in a variety of activities since then. On the other hand, a once-very-strong, enduring relationship that became strained a few years ago remains awkward. 

Where am I financially? Not where I'd like to be, now that I bought a larger home. But I refuse to stress about that. Instead, I am focused on being financially responsible, trusting God to know what I need and to provide. 

Where am I vocationally? I retired in May, and I'm committed to establishing a source of income to augment my retirement income every month. 

Where am I spiritually? I'm growing and changing. I can see that. But I still have such a long, long way to go. 

So where am I?

I'm in a place of growth and change and, hopefully, progress.  


  1. An honest assessment, and I like it! It's a journey! (also, your space is SUPER cute!)

    1. Thank you for your very kind words! I'm so sorry to just now be responding, but I've been swamped with my daughter's wedding -- such a joyous reason.

  2. I agree with Misty - love your honesty, an the message of hope.

    Fancy a sonnet, just for you?

    I am not where I thought I'd be,
    I'm not where I had planned.
    But I was too blind to see
    that God knew where I would land.
    By His Grace I have a home,
    and in His Love found friends
    who would ensure I'm not alone
    until the day life ends.
    And then will come the greater place
    where all the tears are dried,
    and in the Light of His Face,
    I'll not regret I've died.
    All life is thus a journey toward
    that great hope that calls me forward.

    1. Oh Andrew, you've moved me to tears. Truly!! I've printed this out and will keep it in my Bible, inside the front cover where I keep my prayer list. Nobody has ever written a poem for me, and I am touched beyond words. Oh my, but my heart is so full!

  3. Thank you for stopping by and please accept my apologies for not responding sooner. I've been so busy preparing for (and then recovering from lol) my daughter's wedding on the 16th, and I just now remembered I hadn't checked comments.