Monday, November 4, 2019

Choices, Choices! (book review)

On average, experts say, we do it every 2 seconds. We do it approximately 2,000 times every hour and 35,000 times during our waking hours every single day.

We make a choice.

We make decisions subconsciously and deliberately, for a variety of reasons, and in situations ranging from life-or-death to completely frivolous.

No matter why or when or in what situation our choices are made, they add up. As Jean-Paul Sartre said, "We are our choices."

It's important, then, that as we make decisions, we make the very best ones possible. Unfortunately, though, most of us have gotten into the habit of making decisions on the spur of the moment, as we dash from one task to another, barely noticing our choices or their impact until it's too late and the damage of our collective poor -- or just not-best --  choices catch up with us.

There's a better way, and award-winning author Lucinda Secrest McDowell explores that way in her just-released book Life-Giving Choices: 60 Days to What Matters Most (New Hope Publishers).

In the first of 60 easily digestible yet thought-provoking readings, McDowell points out that most of us are not often called upon to make a choice between good and evil. Rather, we are most often required to choose between two equally good things, and she challenges the reader to "choose what matters most".

Each of the remaining 59 "chapters" focuses on one way we can do just that by making the best possible choice. We are encouraged, for example, to choose hope, to choose to sing, to choose power.

Some of the choices may be easy to make and may even be choices you already make. For example, choosing to nurture those around you or to celebrate may be natural for you.

Conversely, choosing to trust or to make connections may be a challenge that cause you to pause and do the hard work that making a decision and then acting upon it can be.

But rising to meet that challenge and learning to consistently make life-giving choices will positively impact your life and the lives of those around you. And Life-Giving Choices: 60 Days to What Matters Most provides the resources for you to do just that!

This life-changing book by Lucinda Secrest McDowell is an excellent resource for both individual and small/large group study.

I was blessed with the opportunity to read/study an advance copy of this book in order to share an honest review.

I do want to add that I first read this book straight through (2 chapters a day), reflecting and journaling on one or both chapters each day. I did this so that I would be able to write a review of the entire book on or before launch date (today!). On November 2, I began reading the book again, reading one chapter a day (as intended), and I'll finished on December 31, 2019. I will share updates on my Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as I read and ponder and put into practice the wonderful principles outlined in this book. 

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