Tuesday, October 12, 2021

No Facebook or Instagram or WhatsApp -- Oh My!

Facebook was down for six hours last Monday and again for a couple of hours several days later. Unsurprisingly, reactions to the outages were mixed.

There were the inevitable conspiracy claims; more than a few skeptics claimed that the outages Monday were linked to a now-famous whistleblower’s impending Congressional testimony. The popular theory was that Facebook folks were spending those six hours frantically erasing all evidence. Of what, I’m not quite sure.

Responses from the more “mainstream” folks ranged from frantic “OMG i cant blieve fb was down it was horrible!” to “the outages were great — too bad they weren’t permanent”. 

My own ambivalence to the outages was just what what I needed to decide in favor of something I’d been casually considering for a few weeks: a partial social media hiatus.

Moving forward, I plan to post on my newsfeed sparingly at best -- for prayer requests or information for extended family or personal friends only as absolutely necessary. I’ll be using my professional/author page (PattiMiinch) for everything else.

So while, according to news sources, “millions” of people around the globe found the eight hours sans Facebook to be a horrible experience that significantly impacted their lives in a negative way, I consider it beneficial. 

What about you? Did the outage really affect you? Did it give you food for thought about your own relationship with and usage of social media? Share your thoughts via a comment. 


  1. LOL... I thought I heard something about them having an outage. Do I care? No, not really. I can't think of anything that might impact me less than whether or not "anti-social" media is spewing misinformation or not. It's a tool to connect with my readers; and I pray they find more light than darkness.

  2. I have a love-hate relationship with FB. Because of my personal circumstances (where I live, the fact that I'm widowed, etc), it provides me connections to family and friends who it would otherwise be difficult to stay in contact with. I appreciate FB for providing me that avenue. On the other hand, I dislike the way FB powers-that-be use the platform -- the obvious bias, its tracking of members' online activity even outside FB, etc. I wish the folks at FB would be satisfied with providing a platform for social interaction without the relentless attempts to push their views. {sigh} I appreciate FB folks like you, and I'd hate to miss out on what you and other Christian writers & speakers share. So I do lots of scrolling on by . . .