Monday, January 17, 2022

My Year of Less (week 2)

Two small but interesting situations arose last week that raised questions about my goals to purchase only necessities and gifts and to not shop at any big box stores.

First, I remembered that I still had Christmas money — a gift from a relative — that I had not yet spent. When I originally included “gifts” in my allowed purchasing, I was thinking only of gifts I would buy for other people; I hadn't given a single thought to buying gifts for myself, from someone else, because it only happens once a year. 

I ultimately decided it's okay to purchase non-necessities as a gift for myself with money gifted me by someone else.  The funny thing is, I can’t think of a single thing to buy; as a result, the money will remain in my checking account until I happen upon something that will be a real treat and bring me pleasure.

Last week, I also signed a 12-month lease on a small apartment in my hometown; my daughter has accepted a job there, so all of us — daughter, son-in-law, two granddaughters (who I babysit), and I — are moving back home.

The apartment I’ll be living in has a nice balcony with plenty of room for a small table, my ultra-comfortable reclining lawn chair, and a few planters.  It also is separated only by a railing from the next-door-neighbor’s balcony. 

I'd love to have planters with a few vegetable plants and flowers, as well as a trellis of some sort along the side that abuts the neighbor. The problem is that I don’t own a trellis and I sold my planters before moving two years ago. Of course, neither a trellis nor planters (or plants) are a necessity. I shared on fb that if anyone has any planters or a trellis that they either were planning to throw away or that they’d lend me, I’d truly appreciate it. A long-time friend offered me two beautiful planters she no longer wants or needs, so that’s a start.

And trust me, it didn’t escape me that I may just have found something on which to spend my Christmas money come Spring!

Week 2 Recap:


I purchased only gas and food — necessities — and wasn’t even tempted to purchase anything else. 

No purchases from big box stores:

Zero shopping — not even on amazon!

Using items from my stashes

I completed 6 rows on a (knitted) scarf I'm working on. I’m no longer on track to finish it by the end of January — preparing for the move has taken precedence — and I’m okay with that. 

Getting rid of stuff

As I’ve been boxing up things, I’ve thrown away one large garbage bag full of papers & other stuff and sold 1 book (through the reading challenge I host on fb).

All in all, a successful week!

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