About Patti . . .

Welcome to pattimiinch.com!

I'm a widow and the mother of two adult children (a son and a daughter), mother-in-law to two, reader, lover of sports, wanna-be digital scrapbooker, teacher, writer, knitter, and so much more. And as of a few weeks ago, I can proudly and with great excitement share that I am also a grandmother-to-be (Baby V is due December 9)!

In the nearly-10 years since my husband passed away after a 6-week and 1-day battle with cancer, I've moved several times, changed jobs, retired, seen my two children marry, and struggled to find my place in this life I never imagined I'd be living.

I've struggled to find my focus and place in the blogging world as well. 
I began this blog several years ago, intending to focus on how to redesign your life after experiencing a significant change. At times, I've written with focus and clarity; at others, I've wandered.

In July 2019, though, it became very clear to me that this truly is my passion and my focus. And so, every Thursday, I hope to share a post that will in some way encourage or help others who are for some reason (good or not-so-good) living a life they had never imagined. 

Perhaps it was a job lost or a job promotion that brought the change; perhaps it was the loss of a loved one or the welcome addition to the family of a baby. A relocation to a new city or a huge promotion with a wonderful new salary but also new responsibilities and circumstances might be the cause. Whatever the reason, you're faced with redesigning your life. It's a daunting task, and this blog is intended to help you in some way.

This blog is not intended to be monologue; rather, my hope is that it will become a place of conversation, one in which you feel comfortable participating. One in which your voice can be heard. 

Again, welcome! I'm so glad you're here, and I can't wait to chat with you. 


  1. Patti, I came across your blog via Five Minute Friday. Reading your "About" page brought to mind two books by Susan Weidener. Have you read her books? If not, I suggest you take a look at Susan's author page on Amazon (https://amzn.to/2taJMcr). The books I mention above are Again in a Heartbeat and Mornings at Wellington Square. Just a suggestion. Enjoyed reading on your blog and your bio.

  2. I am so sorry for not responding sooner; when you posted, I was thick in the preparations for my daughter's wedding on the 16th. Thank you for stopping in and for sharing a comment. I've not read anything by Susan Weidener, but I'm going to check her out on amazon. Thank you!!